Hafei Princip/5/Saibao Princip-repair, maintenance and operation of the vehicle.
The guide contains General information about the structure of the car Hafei Princip / Princip 5 / Saibao and their modifications, recommendations for use and maintenance, a description of the possible malfunctions of the engine, transmission, suspension, steering, brake system.

Models with petrol engines:
HFJ7161 / HFJ7161E - DA4G18 1584 cm3 (74,2 kW);
HFJ7181 / HFJ7181E - 4G93 1834 cm3 (98 kW);
HFJ7201 - 4G63S4M 1997 cm3 (93 kW).

The tips in this guide will help you to make repairs, and the like on the service stations, as well as their own.

Release: 2009
Author: authors
Publisher: Monolith
ISBN: 978-966-1672-39-9
Quality: the Scanned pages
Number of pages: 210

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Download material for reference
Download material for reference
Download material for reference

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