Domestic and foreign LPG equipment on passenger cars.
In addition to describing in the book has long been working and proven systems of motor LPG is the prospect of the development of this type of technology, including the transition to the electronic injection systems (injection of gas into the intake manifold through the carburetor). Hope that everything contained in this book, the author will be usefully read by readers.
Exceptional ease of use, safety, reliability and efficiency are all motor gas fuel systems. Much attention is paid to the description of the functions of the gear at various modes of operation of the engine. And, finally, that particularly important at the present time is to use in automotive gas engines of new generation the most promising fuel-compressed natural gas, without polluting the environment.

Release date: 1997
Author: B. A. Zolotnickiy
Publisher: «LIVRE»
Series: Cars Russia
ISBN: 5-89104-020-4/DjVu (recognized) + DOC
Quality: the recognized text (OCR)
Number of pages: 46

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