Luaz 969 m-repair, maintenance and operation of the vehicle.
Briefly described construction utility terrain vehicle LUAZ 969M. to the extent necessary for the development of repair done on the basis of the finished parts using special tools and equipment.
Advice on car repairs LUAZ 969M., which mainly represents the replacement of worn and damaged parts, components and aggregates of production and (or) repair of sizes.
Given the major potential vehicle faults and workarounds. Put the thumbnails simplest special repair tool.
For engineering and technical personnel vehicle , automobile maintenance. It may be useful to car owners, car LUAZ.

Issue: 1989
Author: Homethinking C. M., Trigub A. N.
ISBN: 5-277-00507-2
Quality: the Scanned pages
No. of pages: 303
Release: 1984
Publisher: Voenizdat
Quality: the Scanned pages
Number of pages: 348, English

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