Duesenberg Model J-repair, maintenance and operation of the vehicle.
Service manual and operating the most expensive, powerful and high-speed serial car first half of the 1930-ies Duesenberg Model j Car that became a legend during his lifetime, was popular with royalty, multi-millionaires and movie stars. In his time he was much more prestigious and more expensive than the Cadillac, Packard or Rolls-Royсe. The technical excellence of the car was 8-cylinder engine with 4 valves per cylinder, which allowed him to develop the capacity of 265 HP in naturally aspirated form and 320 HP compressor that allowed him to reach speeds of 190 and 210 km/h respectively. But some owners, such as Hollywood movie star Gary Cooper, was able to overclock on the official races at the bottom of dried-up salt lakes its "Dusenberg" with a naturally-aspirated engine to a record 230 km/h the Car is known for its high quality workmanship and outstanding at the time the system diagnostics on the dashboard were made not only the speedometer, tachometer, thermometer, ammeter, fuel level sensors, oil in the engine and the pressure in the brake system, but also a barometer, chronograph and light bulbs, signaling the need to change the oil in the engine, water in the battery and the state of the main Assembly frame.
Preserved from 481 unit produced authentic instances Duesenberg Model J today are sold at auto auctions for amounts ranging from half a million to three million dollars.
Although in the post-Soviet space there is no single owner of this classic collector car, this manual will be of interest to collectors of rare technical publications. The manual was photostatic in one of the private museums in the United States and after processing formatted in PDF.

Issue: 1929
Publisher: Duesenberg Inc.
Number of pages: 59
Language: English

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