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Subject: CHERY QQ/SWEET (2008)-Manual of operation and maintenance

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    CHERY QQ/SWEET (2008)-Manual of operation and maintenance    

    Provides guidance for operation and maintenance of car CHERY QQ/SWEET 2008 year of production. This guide provides detailed technical information about the cars CHERY QQ/SWEET internal combustion gasoline engines with a volume of 1.1 0.8 liter and liter. The manual is intended for the owners of the cars CHERY QQ/SWEET, it describes the device, the main components of the car, described in detail the purpose of controls and the auto indicator symbol on the dashboard.

    Release: 2008/DjVu
    Number of pages: 248

    CHERY QQ/SWEET (2008)-Manual of operation and maintenance-scan463-jpg CHERY QQ/SWEET (2008)-Manual of operation and maintenance-scan464-jpg

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