Manual (multimedia) for repair, maintenance, and car BMW 3 (1983-1994), contains comprehensive technical information Ave 316, 318 models, 320, 323 and 325. This guide includes hundreds of color illustrations and photographs that show the location of the major components of the car, and then display the phases of repair work. Individual sections of the manual describe how to quickly diagnose faults and troubleshooting, and suggest remedies.
Also in the sections of this guide describes all the systems and units of BMW, as well as methods for their repair, a complete manual of the car.

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BMW 3 (1983-1994) multimedia service manual-prscr1-jpg BMW 3 (1983-1994) multimedia service manual-prscr2-jpg BMW 3 (1983-1994) multimedia service manual-prscr3-jpg

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Download material for reference
Download material for reference
Download material for reference

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