Hope all are familiar with the views of the "Mercedes" luxury of the future? Well, that is with the potrâsnym Concept, shown at the IAA in Frankfurt in the autumn? Well, it's time to iPhone superkoncept one more time — the company arranged a photo-četyrehdverke infantry and in the Siegen-Wittgenstein district airport videoset.
Home airfield took Conept IAA as is put on the runway, and even aircraft. In fact, with kèfficientom 0.19 drag him there the place is almost levitates above the ground. And yet he can extend up to 390 mm (up to 5430 mm overall) after 80 km/h — thanks èdakomu automatic tail behind for aèrodinamičnosti.

And, incidentally, all this makes himself, including driving. Here thank worth full autopilot (anyway, according to the developers). Do not know to what speeds powered unmanned mode, but 279-strong hybrid installation concept capable of 250 km/h.
In short, we look at the amusing Concept IAA in new surroundings. Good, isn't it?

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