Today the Russian market began selling fresh cross Hyundai — Tucson public static function of the new generation that will replace in the lineup ix35 (that is, in fact, return to it). "Our model has 7 modifications and four line configurations and prices start from 1 099 900 rubles.
By default, the cross is equipped with a 1.6-liter GDI forces 132, 6-speed mechanics with front-wheel drive, front and side airbags, stabilization and assistance during braking, air conditioning, heated front seats, heated èlektrozerkalami, tire pressure monitoring system and music control buttons on the steering wheel.

New Tucson on 65 mm longer, 30 mm wider and 15 millimeters lower than the outgoing ix35 (4475, 1645 and 1850 mm respectively), with more in the 30 mm wheel base (2.67 m in total), but more modest (78 gallons) trunk is 512 l Design has changed in the sense of a larger amount of high-strength steel, completely transformed the Salon. The exterior is designed in the spirit of fresh Santa Fe

Next oldest version is equipped with a 2-liter engine rated at 149 forces (from 1 269 900 rubles) and optional all-wheel drive with a šestidiapazonnym machine. Leads the lineup of gasoline units 177-horsepower turbocharged "one and six (1 474 900 rubles) — such already in the database based on the all-wheel drive and 7-speed robotized gearbox with two clutch.
Yes, there is a nice bonus in the form of a diesel option — it is about 185-strong engine volume 2.0 l and automatic transmission for all four. The minimum price is 1 599 0000 rubles.

Very-very new-Tucson (masthead gasoline engine plus hi-tech package with a panoramic roof and hatch, automatic emergency braking, markup tracking and cosmetic pair strokes) costs 1 819 900 rubles.
Such news, such prices — meet fresh Hyundai official dealers ' showrooms.

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