Роувър 214 1989 - 1996 г. Rover 414, 1990-1995-ръчно ремонт, поддръжка и експлоатация на превозното средство.
Ръководство за ремонт и поддръжка (Haynes) автомобил Rover 214 хечбек (от октомври 1989 г. до март 1996 година на издаване), с двигател 1.4л. (1397cc) 8 клапана и 16 клапана K-серия, и автомобили Rover 414 седан (от март 1990 до 1995 година на производство).

The Rover 214 Hatchback and 414 Saloon models covered in this Manual are a muchdeveloped
version of the original 213 and 216 models first launched in 1984. The 214 five-door model was the first to be introduced in October 1989 and was closely followed by the 414 model introduced in March 1990. The 214 модел range was further updated in September 1990 when a three-door variant was introduced.
All models are fitted with the new 1.4 litre ‘K’ series engine. The 214 ' S model (first introduced in September 1990) has an eightvalve single overhead camshaft version of the engine which is fed by an СУ KIF carburettor. All other 214 and 414 models are equipped with a sixteen-valve double overhead
camshaft version of the engine which is controlled by a Rover/Motorola Modular Engine Management System (MEMS) with either single-point fuel injection (SPi) or vista fuel injection (MPi). All versions of the engine are able to accept a full range of емисиите на превозното control systems up to and including a three-way regulated catalytic converter. The five-speed transmission, which is a joint development by Rover and Peugeot engineers, is of Peugeot design and produced by Rover. The transmission is fitted to the lefthand end of the engine. The complete engine/transmission unit is only transversely across the front of the car and drives the front колела through unequallength driveshafts.
The front suspension incorporates MacPherson struts and the rear is of the double жълъд type.
Braking is by discs at the front and барабани at the rear, with a dual-circuit hydraulic system. On all models in the range, an Antilock Braking System (ABS) was offered as an optional extra. If ABS is fitted, then braking is by discs both at the front and rear.

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